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Let's face it - no matter how secluded we writers might be when we’re sitting in some nook scribbling into a notebook, in the end we’re all writing for someone.

Arch and Arrow is a creative outlet for student work – we’re the place for you to get your writing off the coffee stained notebook page and be enjoyed by others.

We hold our weekly workshops and open mic events, as well as accept submissions for your work to be publish on our website or in our biannual print magazine (see Events page for more info).

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Who Are We

Founded in Spring 2017, Arch & Arrow is composed of a team of Editors and Staff Writers.

Junior Prose Editors

Toni Xu
Janie Kim

Senior Prose Editor

Allie Spensley


Kirit Limperis

Junior Poetry Editor

Lucy Chuang
Rodrigo Pichardo

Senior Poetry Editors

Robert Cortes
Sicily Keisel

Staff Writers

Alina Kido-Matzner
Eunice Lee
Fey Popoola
Izzy Grabski
Jeremy Pulmano
Corr Cooper


Sicily Kiesel

Design Editor

Linh Nguyen

Graduate Prose Editor

Holden Lee

Staff Writers

Scooter Liapin
Nadeem Demian
Sena Cebeci
Sera Gorucu
Susan Guo
William Keiser


Weekly Workshops

We hold weekly workshop meetings, located in the Writer’s Studio of Blair Arch. Drop by with a piece of your writing - your poetry, your prose, or just a bunch of words on a page that you think should be heard & we’ll listen to them.

Open Mic

We hold open mic events. Stop by with some writing of your own to share, music, songwriting, a theater skit… honestly anything. & it doesn’t have to be written by you, although original work is encouraged! Or drop by just to listen - and snag a Murray Dodge cookie while you’re at it.

Featured Pieces

Stay tuned for some of our featured pieces!

Any Questions?

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